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Giacomo Fanciullacci

I really appreciate the points reward system, when i buy courses and ebooks on the chek shop I feel an encouragement in learning more and a help investing in this stuff.

Love it

See above.

Very Informative

There is a lot of good information in this program.

Single Inclinometer
David Emsden

A small tool that reveals a large amount of information. Very pleased.

Lewin Thomas
Love this coin

I carry it often to mind flip. Having it tangible helps me.

Single Inclinometer
Lewin Thomas
Assess don't guess.

Critical tool to have in inventory for various assessments.

A new way to look at Addiction

I am currently going through the program now and am loving it. It gives you a new perspective and tools on addiction.


What a great tool is this book. So convenient now to have it on my phone, thanks guys!

Tai Chi Ruler with poster
Florin Sacareanu
Love it!

Felt in love with the Micro-Cosmic Orbit exercise after completing the 100-day challenge. Tai Chi and Work-In practices became a part of my daily rituals and I love sharing them with my patients too.

If you have How to Eat, Move and be Healthy, this should be the next one to read :)

Awesome book!
It really dives deep into the 4 Doctors' phylosophy, I read it twice a year along with HTEMBH

This Book started a spark in my Soul

Every time someone is asking about my opinion on the best book I read about nutrition or lifestyle I confidently say HTEMBH :)

Very coprehensive

It was a surprise to see how comprehensive the book is. Really helping me "zoom in" in all the questions from HLC1 Questionaire

Program Design 2nd Edition
Florin Sacareanu
Great foundational corse in program design

Bought this course before starting the HLC2 program. It helped me to dive deeper into the foundations in how to properly design a workout program

Primal Pattern® Eating
Florin Sacareanu
Recommend it along with HTEMH book

I found this course very useful in learning to listen to my body needs.


Rocket fuel on a budget is fantastic! The 21 day meal plan outlined in the book is so easy to follow especially for someone like me who gets easily overwhelmed with meal planning. Jo has really made eating organic on a budget something that everyone can afford!

Well Worth the Investment

I thought I knew how to take care of myself. I've always been "above average" physically but since taking this course I've realized that there's so much I wasn't even aware of. Since implementing the principles covered in HLC1 my digestion has improved greatly as has my training capacity and mental well being.

This is the very best entry course if you are serious about taking care of your health. There is a lot of information presented, but not to worry; the course allows for newcomers and non-professionals to follow along and learn the best there is from the works of the Chek Institute. I can not recommend this enough - and it will also come very handy to own (and have read) a copy of How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! along with this course. Thank you so much for distributing and making this course available for the world.

Great Course

I’ve appreciated Paul’s insights for over a decade. This course has made me change how I address my patients in clinical practice. It also made me consider underlying causes of compulsive behavior within my own life. Audio quality could be improved, but felt the content was what I cared about and the Chek team came through.

Excited to start the journey

I have been listening to Paul Chek for over 2 years and I’m just so excited to be starting on the path to become a holistic health practitioner.

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Beverly Hur
$50 Gift card for points

Yay! I had enough points for a $50 gift card. It was super easy to redeem my points for a gift card and then apply them to my purchase. I used them for IMS 1 Bundle. My tools arrived in just over a week. Now I have my own tools for IMS in February! Thank you to the Chek Institute!

How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy! - eBook

Game changer

Iam very well aware that the fact that I took this course made me ahead of my surrounding competition.
The depth of the assessments and functional anatomy understanding goes way beyond any other course I took before.
Thank you!

No where else can you find this info so well presented

When I first came across infant development practice and theory in IMS2, it changed my life.

Deep seated postural issues can leave us chasing our tails trying to find the root cause of pain or emotional imbalance - it might just be that your development processes were halted - and you might just need this course!

Many thanks to Paul and the team for always hitting the nail on the head.

I recommend this to anyone who wants to change lives.