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Pro tennis

Biomechanics of movements for tennis through age groups for improving play on and off the court !

Incredible Course!

I really enjoyed this course and plan on watching the videos and reading the manual many more times. There is tons of great info, resources for further research, and the delivery and organization of the information was very well done. This course is useful for anyone interested in improving their health, diet, and lifestyle - not just for those who may be struggling with fungus and parasite infections. I initially bought the course to fulfill continuing education hours for my personal trainer recertification (thank you Check Institute for offering quality NASM approved online courses!!), but after watching this course, I was inspired to sign up for the Chek HLC 1 course as I found the quality of information here displayed a far more thorough education around diet and lifestyle than typically found in the fitness field. The practical advice given in this course provides the potential to significantly increase wellbeing and vitality for anyone.


This was a perfectly succinct take on overall well-being. Thank you, Paul!

Pre-Order - How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy! - 20th Anniversary Edition

Lewin Thomas
Feedback on point

By the time you read this review, I’ll have the most chiseled and sculpted physique. I love all the corrective exercises and using the dowel rod is great for foundations. Now with neutraliser you can police perfect form throughout the session. In a matter of a week of use. I feel tremendous activation of TVA and lower abdominal. If you are someone thinking why bother? I’ll just use a dowel rod. I urge you to have both in your arsenal. If your aim is Adonis aesthetics and god like strength. Even ten minutes a day will have your abdominals, competition and show ready!!!

Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

So excited to receive it + all the adds-on. After contemplating all the courses its a great to start dive in Paul Chek's world and make an impact.

Very Excited to Own this Book

I’ve never so eagerly awaited a book in my life. Can’t wait to dig into it!

Celebrating Epic Health & Longevity

Paul’s offerings have been critical for creating thriving health, business and empowering hundreds of clients. I’m grateful to celebrate 20-years of this priceless resource.

Health is Freedom.

In critical situations, a person does not rise to the level of their expectations but falls to the level of their preparation. It's a challenging times. I prefer to be equipped with the skills and knowledge, to live life to it's fullest!
Love, Light, Life…Health is Freedom!

Very Readable

I have this in my home gym, it's great reminder to do my stretches and easy to follow.

Concise and Informative

The program contains so much information that is broken down in very tangible ways!

Chek forward head caliper

This tool is must for any chek practitioner.

How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy! - eBook
Chris Riddell
Eat Move and Be Healthy

Glad you asked. I have not been able to access the book. It keeps asking my to start my course, and the book does not show up anywhere.

Renewing License

I had no problems renewing my license. It was fast and easy.

IMS1 online

This course is fantastic. To name a few, you’ll learn extremely thorough evaluations of posture and the core with a tailored stretching and exercise program based on your findings.

Highly recommend!

$50 Gift Card
Gabor Szilagyi
Great incentive

Great incentive! I love the way the Institute gives you back.

A+ Content ...and it's a lot of content 👍

This is one of the most detailed courses I've come across, especially when it comes to the lower limbs and how they affect the rest of the body. Highly, highly recommend.

Good, but expected more

I definitely learned a little about cannabis, but was a little disappointed with the course. Paul spoke more about tobacco than cannabis, which didn’t really serve the point of the course.

Game changing complete comprehensive approach

I have been simply blown away by How to Eat Move and Be Healthy

Anyone that’s serious about training knows there is much more to a clients success than a simple meal plan and workout routine.

This book along with the HLC course tie together what many consider to be “intangible” (stress, energy, cravings etc) in a practical systematic way that can be refined to each individual.

I am extremely satisfied with the chek offerings so far.

Good value

To be able to get the live IMS1 course and the the prerequisite courses for that price was great.

Honestly I just love this

It's been 2 weeks since I got this course and I'm still pulling pieces of my brain out of the wall I've been that mind blown!

Seriously though I'm so excited to start using this with clients and see the results I can get them.

There are so many types of tools taught in this course vastly expanding on was taught in HLC1. I only thought HLC1 was in depth, but this really is on a completely different level!

If you're a health professional and haven't done HLC2 then I don't know what you're doing. i haven't found anyone in Northern Ireland where I live who can cover a fraction of what's in this. Highly recommend!

Grateful for this program

A must see program I wish the whole world knew about and practiced this information! Nothing like it out there

Are You Possessed?
Mikko Saari
More than what I needed, in the best sense

I have had psychosis / mild schizophrenia for 8 years soon, and I've often thought that it must be more than just a biochemical brain thing, unlike what the doctors say. Why? Because it was me experiencing the voices, not the doctors! If the voices were from my brain, you'd expect them to have some of my personality trait(s), but no. Weirder still, I experienced different voices when going to different places, like to different cities or regions.

Now, after going through almost every audio piece in this course, I have finally gotten confirmation to what my voices might actually be, and why, and great explanations to why and how they were born in the first place. Paul and Kaedrich are geniuses on this front, and it is truly great to have real experiential knowledge instead of studies that can be both warped (by quantum observer effect) and corrupted (money baby) at the same time. Paul and Kaedrich have certainly done their own field studies as a part of their careers, and I respect that.

This is not only a course for you if you think you might have a problem with some entity that's in your life, following you, no. This is also a course if you have a problem in life you can't explain how or why it's there. And this is a great course on Paul's other modalities too, like the four doctors, opened my eyes much on that front too.

But, this is not a great course if you're close-minded and quick to judge every "non-scientific" thing as woo-woo or outright lies and fantasy. In that case, I don't know what would be good for you on this front, but if it ain't this, then I really don't know what it would be. At least consider how many people are in spiritual and religious paths: even though much of religions are in some manner or three corrupted these days, it doesn't mean it's all bad. Same principle with spirituality.

This course is most certainly worth every cent for anyone who's ready to at least try digest and apply the information given here. Gets five Gold Stars from me. Thank you.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1 ONLINE
Samantha Hall
Extremely high quality education

As a perpetual student of health, having been self taught in preventative health for about 30 years, and an RN for 35 years, as well being a qualified Health Coach, Colon Irrigation Hydrotherapist, and having studied Functional Medicine for several years, I can confidently and very happily give this course a huge THUMBS UP! Even with my background, I am learning new information in HLC1. I cannot wait to study HLC2. I hope there will be an in person course scheduled in Australia soon. Brisbane would be amazing!

I have incidentally become obsessed with Paul Chek's Living 4D podcast and listen to it at every opportunity ad luckily there are 300 episodes to catch up on!

Great tools

Amazing tools to show your clients where to progress for a healthier life!