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Lives up to the high standard of the scientific series

This course lives up to its predecessors from the scientific series. Its loaded with applicable physical rehab principles regarding the shoulder along with indepth evolutionary origins and glances along the higher control systems that may be relevant to consider as a whole.

Stretching Poster
Lewin Thomas
Great inforgraphic

Visual aid for clients is vital. And I love the layout

Learn to love yourself while helping others

HLC2 was pretty life changing for me. Definitely went there thinking it was to learn more about how to help and coach others, though what I really learnt was a whole lot about myself. I highly recommend, as the more we uncover in ourselves, the better we can serve those who come to us for help.

Great Personal Application Knowledge

This course provides you with information and knowledge that you can apply straight away to yourself and later coach others with. It brings awareness to the most important focus areas in your personal lifestyle that will create health and vitality.
Some of the material is spread out of order on the learning platforms learning path, but Im sure Chek Institute will tidy it up along the way as their digital platforms upgrade over time.

This should be compulsory for all personal trainers, its amazing how clients come to me with dodgy backs, and within a few weeks of implementing this no issues at all. This has majorly helped keep all my clients injury free while in and out of the gym. Brilliant course!


This course is a transformative learning experience for fitness and health professionals. This course dives deep into the science of movement, offering a rich blend of theory and practical skills. Chek's expertise in movement mechanics and his holistic approach to fitness are evident, making this course both enlightening and practical. It's perfect for those looking to enhance their understanding of functional movement and apply it effectively in their practice, ensuring well-rounded development for their clients.

Program Design

Paul Chek's "Program Design" course is an exceptional educational experience for anyone in the fitness and health industry. The course masterfully combines scientific principles with practical application, offering a deep dive into creating effective and personalized fitness programs. Chek’s extensive knowledge and holistic approach shine throughout the course, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of program design. This course is invaluable for trainers and coaches seeking to elevate their skills in crafting tailored fitness regimens that cater to diverse client needs and goals.


Paul Chek's "Holistic Lifestyle Coaching - Level 1" course is a revelation in understanding and applying holistic health principles. The course effectively covers key areas like nutrition, stress management, and overall wellness, emphasizing how these elements interconnect for optimal health. Chek's expertise in holistic health shines through, making complex concepts accessible and actionable. Ideal for health professionals and enthusiasts alike, this course provides practical strategies for a balanced approach to health, catering to physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It's an invaluable introduction to holistic health practices.

How to eat, move and be healthy

"How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy" is more than just a book; it’s an educational experience that empowers the reader with the knowledge to take control of their health. It’s the kind of book that can make a tangible difference in the school curriculum, providing young minds with a solid foundation in understanding and nurturing their health and body from a holistic perspective.

Scientific core conditioning

This course not only deepened my understanding of core dynamics but also significantly enhanced my skills in designing training programs. Its rigorous approach to core health and fitness sets a solid foundation for further professional development in the fitness industry.

Totem pole

Great intro info regarding the chek totem pole and how factors in its wholeness relate to specific parts such as pain and injury.

Great course

A great course for anyone in the rehabilitation or fitness industry. The tools in this video give you a clear understanding of key variables needed to design client programmes using sound science.


If you want to have invaluable knowledge that ties so much together then this is the course for you.
Thorough, well explained and technically skilled yet simple to apply.
Great course

One of the best courses you can do

This was the first CHEK course I ever took. Inspiring and gives you an awareness that immediately begins to separate you from the majority of therapists in the field of injury rehabilitation. Can't recommend highly enough.

An exceptional course

Full of detail. This course gives you some of the vital foundational work that you need for your clients. Well presented, logical progressions that are demonstrated in an easy to understand format. This is a must see course for anyone serious about injury rehabilitation.

A great course

This course is absolutely packed full of information. If you have focused your study to this point on rehabilitation on just the level of physically what you can see and haven't taken a jump into the holistic impacts then you are missing out and so are your clients. This course begins to go in-depth into the holistic impact in a way that you can use with your clients immediately.
Being online was not an issue at all.


I love this course. The shoulder can be such a problematic area and this course if full of detailed information that works on identification of issues through in-depth assessment. The exercise prescription is exceptional. Highly recommended!

A great course

Considering the absolute importance of getting the postural balance right for your clients before you begin to load the body, this course is the perfect fit.
The level of detail, delivered in a very easy to follow way has given me a greater level of confidence in my ability to deliver care for my clients.
I highly recommend this course to everyone.

The missing link for some clients

A well presented course that gives you a clear approach to identifying developmental aspects that may be hindering your clients in adulthood. Thank you.

Excellent and comprehensive

Great course , I listened to the videos many times to get a thorough understanding. I have a much better Comprehension of the shoulder complex now after taking this course .

Amazing book! 5 stars

James Gibbs

This is why we love handsfree ;)


Go deep with the Tai Chi ruler, real deep.

James Gibbs

Great to tune into what dualities are present when personal difficulty arises.


Consider yourself a holistic gangsta when you're using this accurately.