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Great Service

Thank you for stellar service.

HLC level 1

Really enjoying the course and learning a lot! Everyone should know this stuff!

What a game changer for writing programs!

This program has allowed me to write programs that are unique to each client. this takes you beyond using a plumbline and into very specific measurements of the spine, hips and head posture. I can now write a corrective exercise program that is similar to physical therapy and have helped many clients overcome postural imbalances. I feel so fulfilled when a client tells me they have never experienced anything like it, that my training is unique and that they have never felt better. The Chek Institute is the way to go if you want to really be good at what you do. IMS 1 is that first step.

Fantastic service

Very professional and friendly checking all I need. Great service from Erick and the CEO Gavin Jennings.

Movement That Matters! - eBook
Rodrigo Vendrasco Gomes rabelo

Movement That Matters! - eBook

Succint and straight to the point, packed with great information.

Practical book which came to me through the Academy which is great to re-read for better grasping the concepts.

Owning the 1st edition in print and the 2nd edition in digital

Always easy to have it at hand wherever I go, on the phone.

My first ever appointment with what Holistic means

How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy will forever remain a turning point in my life. Back then, I have not seen a video of Paul Chek or ever heard of him. A friend of mine lent me the book when I was struggling with a skin condition for which doctors found no cure at the time. After reading it and starting to heal my body using the principles in the book, I started going on the holistic path. Thank you, Paul Chek!

Program Design 2nd Edition
Codrut B Bordeanu
These concepts are exactly what a fitness professional needs

After understanding the concepts and the principles behind a right way to do it in Designing a program for fitness, I will never look the same at any program (be it a gym or home workout program). As always the detail covered and the coherence of Paul Chek makes everything easy to grasp and actionable right away.

Scientific Core Conditioning
Codrut B Bordeanu
You need to watch it a few times to grasp the concepts properly.

I didn't expect Paul to take it to such levels, even though I hold him in high regards. The level of comprehension, applicability and detail offered in this course, make it easy to use and a perfect pre-requisite for IMS1 along Scientific Back Training.

When I watched it for the first time I was shocked

This course made me realize the importance of unity inside the body.

It showed depth and coherence in helping me understand how the whole body works.
I will never look again at the human body, the same way.

And the best part is that the information is instantly actionable, straight to the point.
Thank you, Paul, for creating this!

$5 Gift Card
Paulina Peniche Kirschke
Love the points system!

My collection of points has allowed me to use the gift card towards my learning which I love 😊

The information you need to help clients

The courses have opened my eyes to a whole new way to help clients stabilize and heal. The amount of time and hard work that was put into making these is shown in the detailed information that is presented to you. Study up, work hard, and succeed!

Love it

Paul chek is an expert in his field! I follow Paul Check for a while now & it's my first online course. Many more will come :) Worth the investment!

How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy! - eBook

Must have

Extender makes it possible to do the exercises appropriately, if you’re larger than a small size person, you will need the extender. There is a great installation YouTube video from Chek Institute.

Great course

I had a herniated disc injury at the age of 20 when I played professional soccer. I wish I would know this course back then. Great knowledge and practical information.

One of the best investments in my life

This course is amazing. I love the advanced questionnaires and the deeper understanding of how the human body and mind works together. My patients are extremely happy too. Thank you!

Fundamental knowledge

This course should be taught in schools! I loved every piece of it! I can take care of myself, my loved ones and my patients better. Thank you Paul and Angie.

Well Formatted and Easy to Understand

I was overwhelmed taking my first step into a healthier lifestyle with all the health information that's out there and on top of it, all the contradicting information. This book is easy to follow, attractive to read, and for all parts of improving your health in one book!

Integrated Movement Science Level 1 ONLINE

Pdf is nice, physical book is better

After having seen the content of this amazing book, I can see how valuable it is and how often I will be referring to it. That's why I will upgrade from the pdf version to the actual physical book. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. (FYI: Even after zooming in, I am not able to read the text in the red section of the tachometer form. It's blurry). Stéphane Daoust - Québec, Canada.

I havent received them yet

The Golf Biomechanic's Manual


This pendulum is beautiful 🤩 I am replacing it it bc I lost my prev one, but this one is shiny and looks very clean the other did too but not the same-looks like real gold. Love it 😍 thank you 🙏🏼and of course the sacredness❤️is present