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Love it

I have left a full review on the non ebook version. The ebook however is great and of good digital quality. Handy for quick references in the gym. Highly recommend for professional and layman gymgoer alike.

Four out of Five stars

The way the paragraphs and sections are oriented make it an easy read. The one problem I have with the ebook is the readability of all the graphs, with red or yellow colors especially. Any words on colored graphs or charts are near impossible to read. Otherwise, nice book, easy to follow, I appreciate all of the references to studies and specific researchers.

Blood Pressure Cuff
WIlliam Mann
Great Tool

Great tool and near perfect for assessing and training. Only thing I'd recommend is getting the extension hose at the same time because it's a little uncomfortable to use without it.

Tai Chi Ruler with poster

The Tai Chi ruler not only deepened my meditative practice but also made me disciplined in doing it everyday. The 100 day challenge turned into 200 days to even multiple 1000s of days of amazing Work-In energy building!

Paul gives a great course.

Very happy with this course. It is filled with information that will make any level practitioner better able to work with clients/patients.

What I've been looking for all these years.

I've been following so many specialised people over the years.

Trying to source and amalgamate different info, views and practices.

With the idea to put them together to then, one day, live a healthy and good life.

Well, I wish I found this book and Paul Chek earlier.

How refreshing to have someone that looks to harmonise across many disciplines.

I feel like I've stumbled across a gold mine of information.

Information that takes into account many different methods of healing the body, mind and spirit.

I know, for a long time I've been down the science habit hole, so I appreciate his scientific explanations. It helps give trust to the instructions.

With that said, the mind, body and spirit phrase sits perfect.

In short, highly recommend.

I'm already working out how to gift this book to those I care about.

More specifically, 'when' to go lift it to them.

$25 Gift Card
Johel Zea
Gift Cards!

The loyalty CHEK Points program is great! You definitely get your money back quickly with their education and their gift cards every time you invest in something that the Chek Institute offers! 100% recommended

The modern gymnasticus of exercise

If HTEMBH is the bible of health, TL4DYEN the kybalion of living, then the GBMM is the gymnasticus of exercise - in a short and succint way. Yet the depths of knowledge from this book hint at selected and relevant blocks of information from all levels of the IMS system. Using the golfer as the case athlete - one can also derive parallel relative steps for other athletes than golfers with the information and a little understanding too. You get a gem of a book outlining the fundamental CHEK integrated movement science philosophies: postural alignment, the success formula and detailed phase integration programs that will serve as a go to for IMS students for many years, but also providing an excellent guidance for the athlete himself who would like to train on a high level and develop himself most effectively. Highly recommended for Chek students, coaches and ambitious athletes alike. Can be used as a study ressource and/or as a laymans "no questions asked just guide me all the way" manual.


After finishing HLC1 & knowing I was on the right track, I was eager to progress my knowledge and knew HLC2 was the right choice. Was stoked that an early bird pricing came through when I was deciding when to register. Great price for a wealth of knowledge

A central part in the puzzle

As a standalone this short book serves as a part in the larger puzzle. Its information is revolutionary to the fitness industry and exercise selection, and seems to be what the entire IMS system is built upon, but it is rather short and brief. For more elaboration on how to apply its concepts you should look into the other chek material and courses. Golf biomechanics manual would be a great place to start. MTM makes sense as a prerequisite but many of its concepts like the importance of posture and joint stability are spread out and mentioned in the other chek material so initially it can seem a bit redundant, nevertheless its an important collection of key concepts that are worth rehearsing and if its the first time you come across them you will be amazed!

$25 Gift Card
Beverly H.
Love using the points I earned to get free products!

I always give my clients HEMBH and love using my points that add up to get more for free! Super easy to use gift cards, just redeem points and the card is emailed to you right away.

The Kybalion of living

If HTEMBH is the bible of health, TL4DYEN may be the Kybalion of living!

The powerful 4 Doctor's (latin for teacher) framework presented, offers knowledge thats easy to imprint into the backbone of your being, remember and apply.
Many of its concepts open numerous meditation worthy sessions and invite application in ones life through conscious choices.
The framework allows you to set your aim at generating abundant energy & harmonious information (expressed in the human body as expanding health) and focus it.
Continually refining and honing this life-mamagement framework helps you cruise life in a balanced and conscious way. The awareness of its concepts bring about the possibility of a new level of self-reflection that makes you able to understand and set course towards the path of higher harmony that your heart desires. All of this in less than 100 neat pages blended with engaging pictures, diagrams, audio and video bits. Highly recommend!

Where it all started

Great course taking you into the world of program design, which traditionally is the core activity of what we associate with personal training/S&C. Namely how to design and prescribe training programs. This is the Chek way and as always with Chek, this blows your mind with the nuances and practical takeaways supported by science. Yes, you have already heard of fiber types and muscle energy systems, but did you ever consider how to apply just that through the right combination of variables such as intensity, time under tension (and a handful more interesting variables) in order to meet the specific postural or power training demands which are opposites on a spectrum?
You learn that and much more in this course. As with most Chek material, we are here because it works in application and gives you reasoning, and in this case also scientific backing, most notable and properly cited Charles Poliquin.
Most importantly this vibrates as powerful knowledge in application, that works and is proven by Chek's many years of experience and clinical practise with it.

Highly recommend!

Bible of health

I come back to HTEMBH multiple times a month, its the no. 1 book that I have read as many times as I have since I first read it in 2015 - and for good reason! Whether youre just getting into optimizing lifestyle or are into the chek advanced trainings, HTEMBH will somehow find its way back on your front desk opened and ready to provide inputs from a new angle you didnt consider the first 5 times you read it. Revisits are often made to the stretches, zone exercises, training exercises or even the simple and powerful health questionnaire for reflection on your own focus areas.

I try to keep a steady supply of HTEMBHs at hand for gifting as it is the easiest way of making a possible profound difference in someone elses life.

Poor process

A bit disappointed here, I received no notice that my license was about to expire and I said I could find no renewal notice message in my inbox or elsewhere. This query was not answered - I would be relieved to find, even if I were wrong, that the message had been sent and the error was mine. In any event, I renewed.

Paul nails it again.

So much information I wish I learned in high school. Thank you, Paul, I hope I get to meet you someday. Take care.

Insanely Eye Opening

I understand this is only level 1 of HLC, but the information taught at this level is so crucial and has been a foundation for me and my clients. I've taken many courses throughout my life for various things and I always say overpriced or waste of money/time. This was the only time I ever felt it was worth every penny.

Deep backbone of knowledge

Fundamental and deep knowledge that that will serve you as the sibling to scientific core conditioning and builds further upon its foundation, now providing the backbone on which expanded knowledge of the body and its functions rise erected through the CHEK Totem Pole.

Its is also a practical course with a wide selection of valuable freeweight, swissball and cable exercises being introduced as well as their applications and intention for taking someone from pain and injury to high performance.

This course knowledge like SCC knowledge is also worth a rehearsel from time to time, since its principles and depth is profound to such a level that you unlock deeper and deeper gems within it as you expand your own skills and understanding of the field.

Two years later, Im still learning new things and connections from this SBT course, and I am sure this will be the case for years.

The course is worthwhile your investment into its timeless principles that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Versatile and useful

Worth the buy for measurements taught in the ATPs as well as Scientific Shoulder Training.

The tool can be used multiple times to track ones postural development towards functional over time and to check on its maintenance once satisfied.

Many other clinometers on the market will only have the compas arrows and not the inclinometer arrow that you need. Good price.

Deep core knowledge, in both ways

Fundamental and deep knowledge that that will serve as the foundation of your understanding of the body and functional movement which emanates from the core.

The course knowledge is worth a rehearsel from time to time, since its principles and depth is profound to such a level that you unlock deeper and deeper gems within it as you expand your own skills and understanding of the field.

Two years later, Im still learning new things and connections from this SCC course.

The course is worthwhile your investment into its timeless principles that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Awesome book!

This should be mandatory reading for everyone!

This is clinical!

The Golf Biomechanic's Manual gives you all the necessary steps to take your golf players through their offseason and season safely & helping them to improve their performance. 4 simples steps to follow Flexibility, Stability, Strength & Power and your clients will be in the right path to a successful career! 100% recommended.

Transformative and eye-opening

Paul's holistic approach blew my mind. Forget cookie-cutter workouts – this is about crafting personalized programs that cover body.

What's cool? It's not just about sets and reps. Paul turns you into a movement artist.

It's not just about clients. This course is a self-discovery journey. Mind-body practices, lifestyle hacks – it's all there.

In a nutshell, if you're into fitness and want to take it to the next level, Paul Chek's Program Design is the way to go.
Get ready to up your coaching game and transform not just others but yourself too!

The place to start

This is the place to start your life.
The course helps you become conscious of the underlying soulpath that is uniquely yours, understand it and become able to identify when you are on its path and when you stray. Unifying information from body and mind you approach your dream with these two, now allied, this brings more clarity and meaningful action towards building your dream more consciously than ever before.

Single Inclinometer
Jack Bailey

Awesome product