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Everything I Needed And More

i've always been interesting in this type of lifestyle, well just health and fitness in general, also help from following those on instagram that embody a similar style, living this kind of way for the last 2 years. i thought i knew a lot, but this course has just sparked a fire under me, the content and structure that this course has delivered has gone beyond my expectations and absorbs into my brain like a sponge. I thought i knew a lot but boyy was i wrong. This course is just the tip of the iceberg and im looking forward to HLC level 2. if you're really looking to up your knowledge and wisdom with Holistic Lifestyle, or even looking to get into the game, this is definitely the place to be, and to be taught by IMO the godfather of health and movement is an experience worth having. Don't go cheap on your body, and don't go cheap on a qualification either... Much love to Paul and the team, would love to get in touch some time :)

Fantastic workshop from the best of the best, Paul Chek and Matt Walden.

Great presentation of the subject matter. Looking forward to the next one.

Great addition to my office

This helps me explain the big picture to my clients, nice piece for my work space.

The depth of knowledge this book provides is extraordinary!

I have never read a book this influential that has changed my whole outlook on health and fitness

Scientific Core Conitioning Synchronicity

Hi Chek family,
I have also shared this to info@institute
I’m emailing to share my experience with the scientific core conditioning workshop last weekend in Rainbow and the events of this past week. Bear with me as this is a long message but definitely has an interesting twist.
I was blown away not only by the views from the top of the mountain but also by the generosity with which Paul and Matt shared their knowledge and took time to answer all of our questions. I will definitely be back for more workshops and hope to work my way through much much more Chek education.
Since returning home from the workshop I have felt inspired. The information truly resonated with me and I immediately began implementing all of my newly acquired knowledge to the best of my ability. I loved teaching my clients these new testing and exercise techniques and explaining the importance behind each.
I felt a particular personal connection, or lack there of, with the TVA activation and tummy vacuum exercise.  I had a string lightly tied around my waist for two days post workshop reminding myself to diaphragmatically breathe and not balloon out to brace every time I bent over, as that was my previous go-to strategy. By day three I was getting it down and began having real success with the tummy vacuum. I also noticed less need for constant stretching and cracking to make my low back feel better/more aligned. I felt my low back and SI joints were more stable in many ways.
While doing a tummy vacuum I even noticed what felt like a small stone being pulled up from the lower right hand porting of my abdomen. I thought to myself, “that’s really getting stuff moving”. More on that later…
I have had occasional swelling and discomfort in that area for well over 5 years now and attributed it to going off the rails on my diet or potentially working out too hard and aggravating my psoas muscle. I even went in to make sure it wasn’t a hernia a few years back.
The Tuesday after I returned home from the workshop I had a mildly challenging workout attempting to incorporate more of the inner unit stabilization techniques we discussed over the weekend. The next day my core was sore in ways I had never felt. A global soreness that spanned my entire abdominal wall, but deeper than the traditional rectus abdominal training I was used to. Throughout the day the soreness began to localize to the lower and then lower right hand side. The soreness starting to turn to pain. Over night I was tossing and turning with pain and feverish symptoms. Things became clear that this was no longer a sore TVA. I was suspicious of appendicitis and went straight to the ER. After some testing my suspicions were confirmed and I was presented with the findings:
Acute appendicitis with prominent appendix measuring 8 mm and appendicolith at the base. Mild perivascular change.
Due to the appendicolith at the base, the recommendations leaned pretty hard towards a laparoscopic appendectomy as the alternative treatment with antibiotics seldom works for cases such as mine.
This would be my first surgery and after all the talk of scar complications over the weekend I was less than excited to get cut open. But I decided to go for it.  
I no longer have an appendix and the surgery went smoothly. All in all I was in the hospital for just under twenty four hours and I am home recovering in far less pain than when I went in.
Apologies again for this long detailed messages but I felt the need to share my story and the synchronicity of events.
So as I mentioned before while I was doing these tummy vacuum exercises I felt something almost like a little stone in that lower right quadrant of my abdomen pull up. And then again on the next one. But then that was it and I thought “man I’m really clearing **** out here”. But maybe I was clogging **** up. As the CT scan indicated with an “appendicolith at the base”. And I think I pulled that little piece of **** right up to the base of my appendix and it got stuck. And what was once a low level irritation was now a full blown ticking time bomb.
I am an eternally optimistic person but this feels truly meant to be. I have been dealing with this low level inflammation and discomfort in that region for years but not until I learned the tools to properly rehab myself did it come to fruition. Happening right after the workshop and potentially being triggered because of an exercise I learned in this training.
I am eternally grateful for the wisdom shared over the weekend and can’t thank Paul and Matt and everyone at the Chek academy enough for this experience. I’m tearing up as I write this, and no I’m not on pain meds anymore 😂. This feels like a fresh start to rebuild my mind and body better than before.
I would love for Paul and Matt to hear my story to know if they’ve had any other clients experience anything similar or if there are any recommendations for post surgical rehab for the scarring or abdominal rehabilitation ...

Helped me heal myself of entity possession!

I heard about this coarse on Paul’s podcasts living4D two years ago with Kaedrich and really didn’t ever think I would need to buy the coarse because I thought to myself I’m not possessed or ever will be. Fast forward today I randomly while driving home one day experienced a sudden shift in my consciousness that made my head dizzy and had me feel like I was experiencing some form of dissociation. Prior to this incident I had recently wen to a music festival. For some reason I thought about this episode “Are you Possessed?”, from Paul’s podcast and decided to re listen to it, I felt a strong sense that I was probably possessed somehow and so I bought the coarse. Listened to it thoroughly, implemented everything said in the 9hours including buying Biogeometry technologies and very quickly it’s like my soul came back into my being fully and I was and are far more clear headed and no longer feeling a sense of dissociation. I can attest that this coarse

Team Chek 2 Day Workshop
Bohdana Maresova
Highly recommend

Highly recommend. Loved every minute of it so much information. So much knowledge. This should be taught at the schools everywhere.

One of the best investment in my life

It was very useful.
Very Informative and well presented.
Got a clear perspective about your courses.
Thank you!.
I have decided that check acadamy is the fastest way to reach my goals.
I am very interested to learn your courses.

Why how we breath matters.

It's amazing how something so simple that most people don't put much thought into can have such a huge impact on our health and well being. Matt does an amazing job of explaining how I our breathing impacts our health and wellness. Expoing the function of muscles involved, how something can cause out breathing pattern to become faulty and the impact that can have.

$25 Gift Card
Marina Vellanti

I call it “ballin on a budget.”

Blood Pressure Cuff
Paulina Peniche Kirschke
Great product

Blood pressure cuff works great, if you get the extension hose know that you will need to pull pieces apart for it to actually fit, because they don’t seem to be very comparable at least not the one I got. I had to pull parts of the blood pressure cuff apart and try to make the hose fit.

A Simple life-changing lesson

First of all thanks paul. Very simple but deep valuable information is available in this program.

great information

Everyone should read this book, add 10 years to your life

Insightful, Authentic and Practical

Paul, love your work, thanks for everything you’ve done for humanity

How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy! - eBook

HLC 1 online - great!

A very unique course. Representation was clear and on-point. I dont know if finding clients for this could be a problem in my country, I'll see about that.


Great book! Should be in everyone’s library!

Scientific Back training

Great course and other prerequisite for IMS1! Paul in this course shows his holistic approach to back pain. He explains how its not only about exercise but how important are breathing, mastication, visual and vestibular system and many other things. Except that he shows you a lot of his assesment techniques and a a lot of exercises from rehabilitation exercises to basic lifts like a squat or deadlift.


Very clear and well structured course. A thorough explanation that links through to practical applications that can be utilised with clients.

Very well-structured and useful book

This ebook has some concepts I really took a liking to. Having read it, I feel much more ready to tackle my health challenges.

Late License Renewal Fee
Dmitrij Goloscspovs

Very professional and courteous! Thank you for help and recommendations, appreciate everyone’s input! You are all awesome!

Superb Source of Holistic Information

I've read only to page 30 or so now, but so far there's many valuable info tidbits, some extremely helpful even. Lots of stuff to digest, but easy to understand.

Program Design 2nd edition

In my opinion this is the best of three prerequisites for IMS 1. No matter if you are beginner trainer or if I you have already gained some experience in the field I believe you will get some enriching knowledge for you. Paul explains here some basic professional terms and gives you detailed description a using of tempo, rest period, loading, periodization and much more.

Scientific Core Conditioning

This course is one of the prerequisites for IMS 1, which I did two years ago. In the first part of this course is described anatomy and function of abdominal muscles and assesment tests for abdominal function. In the second part of this course are described core exercises from easy ones to exercises for advanced clients.
Based on actual research I am not sure with things like Janda's syndromes and is possible that on day this course will have to be updated but despite that I think that course is worth taking even if you dont want to participate in IMS.


Thank you ❣️💝🌈