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Scientific Stretching

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Scientific Stretching Presented by Paul Chek - Includes manual, streaming videos and test



Brand New to the CHEK Institute ELearning Collection!

In this highly anticipated comprehensive CHEK Institute Elearning course we explore the in-depth world of stretching for optimal health. But as with all CHEK E-learning courses, this is definitely NOT the usual stretching course. CHEK Practitioners are renowned around the world for their attention to detail and their ability to precisely tailor their programs to their clients needs and abilities.

That depth and details is revealed in this course as Paul shows why stretching is FAR more than creating optimal length-tension relationships in the joints and muscles. In fact, stretching, when performed correctly, has a powerful effect on the entire body-mind.

  1. Understand what stretching offers us for achieving health and well-being; the 1-2-3-4 of stretching.
  2. Learn basic stretch assessments for targeted stretching.
  3. Learn the mental-emotional relationships to body restriction.
  4. Explore the fascia~water relationship.
  5. Explore pressure release as a means of improving mobility and flow in the body.
  • 32 videos
  • PDF Manual
  • Online Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

CECs and CEUs: CHEK 8

Customer Reviews

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David Meakin

I always find all of the CHEK resources and course to be of the highest quality and standard. I always learn lots of new practical information that benefits both me as a coach and all my clients helping me to charge a higher price than my fellow coaches.

A great course

Considering the absolute importance of getting the postural balance right for your clients before you begin to load the body, this course is the perfect fit.
The level of detail, delivered in a very easy to follow way has given me a greater level of confidence in my ability to deliver care for my clients.
I highly recommend this course to everyone.