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The Tennis Biomechanic's Manual

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Authors Leigh Brandon and Paul Chek combine their skill and expertise to develop a powerful system of self-conditioning to achieve peak performance in tennis.

The Tennis Biomechanic’s Manual: the Grand Slam of Tennis Conditioning - By Leigh Brandon and Paul Chek (298 page book)

In order for any tennis player to improve his or her game, they need to improve upon and condition the most important tool used ... their body!

Authors Leigh Brandon and Paul Chek combine their skill and expertise to explain not only the biomechanics of playing tennis but also the importance of proper self-conditioning to achieve peak performance. Written for fitness professionals or tennis pros interested in exercise and conditioning tennis players, the information presented in this book is an in-depth, detailed look at how different systems in the body affect the game of tennis. Keen tennis players will also greatly benefit from following the seven phases of conditioning that make up the Grand Slam approach to training.

Be warned - this is not a quick and easy solution to improving anyone's game. It will require an investment of time and energy on the part of both the trainer and the player. Let's face it, if conditioning for any sport was quick and easy, we would all be elite athletes! But by using the Grand Slam approach and following the Flexibility - Stability - Strength - Power formula, tennis players will see a significant improvement in their game within a short time.

The Tennis Biomechanic’s Manual explains:

  • Why tight muscles affect the serve and groundstrokes.
  • How correct stretching before a game can improve performance and why some types of pre-game stretches can actually make the tennis player’s game deteriorate.
  • The difference between functional strengthening exercises for tennis and bodybuilding-type exercises that are not beneficial for the game.
  • Understand why breaking the Flexibility - Stability - Strength - Power formula can break your body!

Clients using the Grand Slam formula have eliminated back, shoulder, elbow and knee pain and increased both distance and precision in their serves and groundstrokes within three months!

Chapter 1 - The Importance of Tennis Conditioning
Chapter 2 - Flexibility:
Chapter 3 - Stretching
Chapter 4 - How to Warm-Up for Tennis
Chapter 5 - Functional Exercise

  • Neuromuscular Isolation - Phase I
  • Neuromuscular Integration - Phase II
  • Dynamic Stability - Phase III

Chapter 6 - Strength Training

  • Tennis Strength - Phase IV
  • Tennis Strength - Phase V

Chapter 7 - Power Training

  • Tennis Power - Phase VI
  • Tennis Power - Phase VII

Chapter 8 - Acceleration and Agility
Chapter 9 - Putting it All Together

I originally decided to see Leigh to help me overcome back pain that was preventing me from playing tennis. Prior to seeing Leigh, I had physiotherapy which was covered by medical insurance and after one year of treatment, the condition hadn’t improved.

Leigh’s knowledge is not only exceptionally detailed but also covers an amazingly wide range of areas. He never guesses about your health issues and is always first to research and ask for advice from other professionals. This enables him to give you the very best programme he can. Leigh has written 2 exercise programmes for me, the first relieved all my lower back pain and during the second my physical attributes increased greatly.

I would recommend Leigh to anyone, but the results I achieved were as much as a result of my hard work and attitude as it was down to the quality of the advice and support I received throughout my treatment, and therefore anyone thinking of using Leigh must have the inner desire to embrace change in their own life to achieve the large results Leigh enables you to make.

- Josh Stokes, Tennis Player, UK

I was recommended to Leigh as a fitness specialist by my tennis coach as I was in need of improving my leg strength and stability to take my game to the next level, but it was painful for me to put any weight on my left knee so was in need of help. I also had a painful left shoulder, which as giving me constant discomfort while I practiced serves and my back was also a problem.

Through a detailed procedure Leigh found out the most effective way to build strength and muscle for my specific genetics. I left that day with an action plan which I stuck to for the designated 7 weeks; changing slightly each week incorporating different stretches and exercises. I still to this day use the exercises to help maintain a strong core which has really been the cause in my success over the last couple of months. All of my injuries have now vanished and its safe to say I wouldn’t be were I am today if it wasn’t for working with Leigh. I really hope to see Leigh in the near future so we can make more progress together.

- Connor Ellerbeck, Tennis Player, UK

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Gloria Carr
Pro tennis

Biomechanics of movements for tennis through age groups for improving play on and off the court !

Sepano Hassanzadeh
This book is gold

Simple yet effective foundational approach to building the tennis player in a holistic manner. The beauty of the this approach is it can be applied to any athlete, not just tennis players