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The Dr. Movement Audio Companion

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The Dr. Movement Audio Companion will show you the deeper connections between your mental/emotional well-being and exercise.

In his eBook, The Last 4 Doctors You'll Ever Need – How to Get Healthy Now! Holistic Health Practitioner Paul Chek introduced you to Dr. Movement. Now, Paul offers you the opportunity to deepen the relationship you formed with your inner expert on exercise, and to add to the skills and techniques you gained in his ebook.

You've mastered the basics of Dr. Movement in Paul's ebook, learning about the difference between Working Out and Working In and putting those movement types to use in your life. In this lecture, you will:

  • Learn how Dr. Movement manifests at each level of your Being. Dr. Movement is the source of what most people know of as spirit.
  • Discover how movement is the originator of thought. You will learn about the crucial connections between the mental, emotional and physical realities that make us truly human.
  • Find a powerful and simple introduction to the concepts of yin and yang. Paul teaches you how the yin quality of Dr. Movement allows thought, while the outer quality of yang gives us the action principle we use to bring our ideas into reality.

Dr. Movement’s importance run deeper than building muscle and endurance, and the other typical benefits of exercise. This doctor has deep connections to your emotional and mental well-being. This audio companion will show you just how profound this side of Dr. Movement can be.

Length of Program – approx. 1.3 hours