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The Complete L4D Audio Companions

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The Complete Last 4 Doctors Audio Companion Series offers a deeper exploration of Paul Chek’s 4 Doctors system of holistic well-being.

An audio program series by Paul Chek - Includes 40 downloadable MP3 audio files

In his eBook, The Last 4 Doctors You'll Ever Need – How to Get Healthy Now! Holistic Health Practitioner Paul Chek introduced you to your Four Doctors: Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, Dr. Happiness and Dr. Movement. Now, Paul offers you the opportunity to deepen the relationship you formed with your panel of experts, and to add to the skills and techniques you gained in his eBook.

Each edition of this innovative audio seminar series focuses on a particular member of your Four Doctors, teaching you advanced techniques to move you further along the path to well-being.

In the complete series, you’ll receive all four audio companions:

  • Dr. Diet – learn the essential details of digestion that few doctors or nutritionists discuss

  • Dr. Quite – discover 7 simple, effective meditations that you can use anytime, anywhere

  • Dr. Happiness – find out how to create greater mind-body-spirit alignment in your life

  • Dr. Movement – learn about how Dr. Movement can improve your mental and emotional health

Join Paul and your Four Doctors for this enlightening exploration of happiness and well-being. We know that these recordings will stimulate tremendous inner-exploration and offer great nutrition for those with a craving for personal development!

Length of Program – approx. 6.5 hours