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Tai Chi Ruler with poster

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Tai Chi Ruler with Poster, packaged in a cardboard tube.

Practice Qi Gong or other meditation practices with this beautiful, hand-crafted Tai Chi Ruler along with Poster!

This Tai Chi Ruler is beautifully shaped to be symmetrical to stimulate the heart meridian in each hand during meditation. You can use this Chi Stick with Primordial Rocking and the Micro-Cosmic Orbit Practices.

  • Are there times where your mind is overly stimulated and won’t calm down?
  • Are your muscles and joins sore from exercise?
  • Are you emotionally stressed?
  • Are you or your client in pain or too de-conditioned to comfortably move through the amplitude of movement common to the Mocro-Cosmic Orbit?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this Tai Chi Ruler is the perfect compliment to your meditation practices!

The added poster includes:

  • A ‘How-To’ reference for your Tai Chi Ruler
  • Directions on Primordial Rocking and Micro-Cosmic Orbit Practices
  • Advanced and Effective Practice Tips
  • Qi Gong Practice Tracking Chart
  • And a message from Paul Chek
Daily practice of 15 minutes or more can dramatically improve health and well-being!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
josh Whittock
Great purchase!

As a CHEK practitioner, I know how important tai chi is for your health. After purchasing this ruler, it has elevated my practices and I can’t recommend it highly enough!


The Tai Chi ruler not only deepened my meditative practice but also made me disciplined in doing it everyday. The 100 day challenge turned into 200 days to even multiple 1000s of days of amazing Work-In energy building!

Ian Benson
Love this Tai Chi ruler!!!

I love this Tai Chi ruler! It is great quality! I am about 26 days in on my 100 day gong with it!

James Gibbs

Go deep with the Tai Chi ruler, real deep.

Florin Sacareanu
Love it!

Felt in love with the Micro-Cosmic Orbit exercise after completing the 100-day challenge. Tai Chi and Work-In practices became a part of my daily rituals and I love sharing them with my patients too.