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Self Care for Life in the City

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Self-Care for Life in the City is a practical, comprehensive blueprint to thriving, mind, body and soul, in a fast-paced world. Complete with simple, down to earth strategies, and easy to implement actions, CHEK Level 2 Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Francesca Blechner draws on her 20 years of knowledge sharing strategies and techniques that replenish the mind, body and soul. Like a loving guide, she contributes practices that assist you in taking deliberate and purposeful steps towards optimum and complete health in today’s fast-paced 21st-century lifestyle.

There is a disease of disconnect. People are disconnected more than ever from themselves, their food, their environment, their true nature and relationships. We are living in an age where modern life moves at lightning speed and digital technology rules our lives. This has contributed significantly to anxiety, depression, burnout and poor mental health, which are now at an all-time high.

This gem of a book is designed to help you and your clients connect to their true self, by bringing conscious awareness to their thoughts and lifestyle choices. Self-care is not an option any more, nor is it an indulgence; it is a necessity for the human species to survive and thrive and create a healthier planet of conscious people living in alignment with their vision, values and purpose.



“The beauty of this book is that it is simple and direct; in just a few hours, you can rewrite the blueprint for your self-management and begin living a life of awareness, vitality allowing you to become a healing force in the world.” - Paul Chek

“This book is a comprehensive personal growth experience, full of scientific explanation, answers to most questions, examples and practical exercises. Her work is truly transformational and will inspire others to make life changing decisions. This is a must-read!” - Hanna Meirelles, Co-Author #1 Amazon Best Selling Ignite your Life for Conscious Leaders.