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Scientific Core Conditioning

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Presented by Paul Chek - Course is completed 100% online and includes a manual, 21 streaming Videos and test

CECs and CEUs: CHEK Institute 16.0, ACE 2.4, NASM 1.9, NSCA 1.5, ISSA 16.0, ACSM 24.0



Scientific Core Conditioning is the most comprehensive, in-depth course available on this subject. Expand your knowledge of the abdominal musculature and its biomechanical relationship to the entire kinetic chain, when applied to the prevention of back pain, maintenance of good posture and optimal sports performance.

  • Functional anatomy
  • Support mechanisms provided by the abdominals
  • Why tongue position is crucial
  • How faulty abdominal training can create postural problems
  • How to assess core function
  • How to reestablish activation of the abdominal wall after abdominal surgery such as caesarian section, hysterectomy and hernia repair, or in the deconditioned client.
  • Understand why core coordination and strength tests are essential for your orthopedic patients and competitive athletes.
  • Exercises suitable for the post-rehabilitation patient all the way to performance enhancing techniques used by Paul for training amateur and elite athletes.

This advanced program will streamline and empower your current approach to abdominal exercise prescription. It is a must for any professional involved in orthopedic rehabilitation, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, fitness instructors and athletic trainers.

What is the grade required to pass?

The passing grade for all correspondence courses is 80%. A Certificate of Completion with CECs and CEUs will be sent once you have successfully passed the test.

How long will it take to complete?

CHEK Institute recommendation – 20 hours

This is dependent on the person taking the course and the reasons they are taking it. Some people only needing Continuing Education Credits will watch the videos once through and successfully pass the test. Other people who are more interested in learning the information or are interested in taking it as a prerequisite for the CHEK Exercise Coach Program will sometimes watch the videos 2-3 times through. Given that there are over 7 hours of video in this course, it will take at least this long to complete. All this being said, we recommend that people spend 20 hours studying the course materials before taking the test.

Does this course overlap with Scientific Back Training?

No. Though there is a small amount of information overlap with regard to anatomy since back and abdominal musculature are considered part of the “core”, the vast majority of the information in these courses varies greatly. For example, Scientific Back Training focuses on quantitative assessments (i.e. joint range of motion) while Scientific Core Conditioning contains qualitative assessments (i.e. TVA function). Also, Scientific Back Training contains exercises focusing primarily on the back musculature while Scientific Core Conditioning has exercises ranging from abdominal isolation exercises to dynamic core integration exercises.

There are a lot of questions on the test. Is it hard?

Thousands of people, some with extremely limited knowledge in anatomy or exercise, have passed the first and second editions of this course successfully. Occasionally there are a few individuals who do not pass the test the first time, but once it has been graded and sent back to them, they receive a list of questions they marked incorrectly and have an opportunity to correct their errors for successful completion of the course. The benefit of having a DVD correspondence course is that the viewer can review the video as many times as is necessary until they gain an understanding of the material. Successful completion of this course has not so much to do with an individual’s current level of knowledge as it does with the amount of time one spends watching the videos and reading the manual.

Customer Reviews

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Thomas N
Paul gives a great course.

Very happy with this course. It is filled with information that will make any level practitioner better able to work with clients/patients.

Reviewer avatar
Deep core knowledge, in both ways

Fundamental and deep knowledge that that will serve as the foundation of your understanding of the body and functional movement which emanates from the core.

The course knowledge is worth a rehearsel from time to time, since its principles and depth is profound to such a level that you unlock deeper and deeper gems within it as you expand your own skills and understanding of the field.

Two years later, Im still learning new things and connections from this SCC course.

The course is worthwhile your investment into its timeless principles that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Marcus Ritchie

This should be compulsory for all personal trainers, its amazing how clients come to me with dodgy backs, and within a few weeks of implementing this no issues at all. This has majorly helped keep all my clients injury free while in and out of the gym. Brilliant course!

Elly Louage
Scientific core conditioning

This course not only deepened my understanding of core dynamics but also significantly enhanced my skills in designing training programs. Its rigorous approach to core health and fitness sets a solid foundation for further professional development in the fitness industry.

One of the best courses you can do

This was the first CHEK course I ever took. Inspiring and gives you an awareness that immediately begins to separate you from the majority of therapists in the field of injury rehabilitation. Can't recommend highly enough.