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Rocket Fuel on a Budget

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This AMAZON #1 BEST SELLING pocket rocket book is packed with nutritional guidance, recipes and achievable goals for transforming the health of the entire family.

Would you like to have more energy and mental clarity and just feel fantastic every day for the rest of your life? Rocket Fuel on a Budget - How to Get Healthy Without Going Broke will provide you with:

  • Knowledge of the food myths of modern day nutritional recommendations
  • A 21 day meal plan with recipes to get you started eating right immediately
  • Education on the top 16 mistakes people make when trying to get healthy and how to avoid them
  • Top 12 ways of sourcing affordable organic food in your local community
  • 31 achievable tips for lasting health and vitality

In Rocket Fuel On A Budget Joanna Rushton shares how to LOOK and FEEL fantastic while eating organically on a budget.

If you suffer from; * Low energy levels * Moods swings and/or mental fogginess * Poor sleep * Digestive problems such as bloating or irregular bowel movements or the yo-yo effects of dieting and trying to achieve your optimal weight, then this is the book for you.

About the Author

Joanna Rushton is the Author of #1 Amazon Best seller Rocket Fuel on a Budget and Founder of The Energy Coaching Institute in Australia. She is an internationally qualified chef, high performance nutrition, energy, and exercise specialist and host of an upcoming television and digital show on holistic wellbeing.

Jo Rushton is also a highly sought after speaker, facilitator, and panelist member across the inspirational personal growth, preventative health and wellness platforms where she combines neuro nutrition, neuro leadership and neuro exercises for optimal performance and productivity.

Jo heads a multi-disciplinary private practice, leading the way in preventative and corrective health, committed to empowering individuals to transform their way of thinking; improve personal health; achieve personal goals and make a difference in their daily life and the lives of those they touch.

She regularly consults to corporate wellness companies, designing high performance nutrition and proactive resilience programs for executives. She is considered an authority on best practices for building personal health and resilience in the workplace.

In her blogs, book, presentations, and workshops, Jo delights in sharing the latest research that confronts a decade of misleading health and dietary guidelines. She eloquently debunks the myths that keep us from the real truth and is guaranteed to inspire and mobilise an audience into action! Jo is also a Faculty Member of the CHEK Institute and teaches Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 (HLC 1) across Australia and New Zealand.

Customer Reviews

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Katie L.

Rocket fuel on a budget is fantastic! The 21 day meal plan outlined in the book is so easy to follow especially for someone like me who gets easily overwhelmed with meal planning. Jo has really made eating organic on a budget something that everyone can afford!

Healthier Version of Me

I was looking for a recipe book to help me live a healthier life without creating a meal plan or breaking the bank. This book has easy-to-follow recipes, various healthy ingredient options, and an easy 21-day meal plan. I'm happy to recommend it for you to start cleaning up your diet while saving money.