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Pro Fitter

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Pro Fitter 3D Cross Trainer - Perfect for home or gym use

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The Pro Fitter is challenging, fun and easy to learn! Individuals of all ages quickly discover that skill building with Pro Fitter is more like a sport than an exercise and your results will have a high carry over to sports and daily living! Since 1985, athletes and medical experts worldwide have depended on Pro Fitter to maximize their results. If you or your family want to maintain an active lifestyle with greater confidence and fewer injuries, then enjoy these benefits from your own Pro Fitter:

  • Achieve better balance, coordination and overall agility
  • Enhance functional core strength and stability
  • Obtain faster and more precise reaction skills
  • Develop total upper and lower body strength programs
  • Improve cardiovascular endurance
  • Improve proprioception reducing the risk of sports injury

Over 20 exercises to enhance your core strength and stability for improved golf, skiing, tennis and more! Your confidence will sky rocket!

Kit includes:

  • ProFitter training device
  • 4-color Exercise Chart with basic and advanced usage instructions, plus illustrations of the seven exercises most often used and exercises often assigned for particular rehabilitation or sports specific purposes
  • DVD
  • Care and maintenance literature