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Practical Applications of Breathing, Posture & Movement

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Learn the essentials of breathing mechanics along with assessment and exercise techniques to achieve optimal breathing.

Presented by Matthew Wallden - Includes 3 Streaming videos (60 minutes)

In the CHEK Holistic Totem Pole System, respiratory function is looked at as one of the first priorities for all CHEK Practitioners to assess and correct when working with their clients.

And considering that the vast majority of people have a dysfunctional breathing pattern, breathing assessment and correction should be a priority for all health & fitness professionals.

BUT sadly very few professionals in the field ever do this.

In this comprehensive 60-minute minicourse, Matthew Wallden - Osteopath, Senior CHEK Faculty Instructor, and renowned, international speaker - will teach you the essentials of breathing mechanics, as well as the effective assessment and exercise techniques for optimal breathing that are part of Paul Chek's unique Holistic system.

In this mini-course, you will learn:

  • The different types of respiration
  • Common root causes of Breathing dysfunction
  • The CHEK Totem pole & respiration
  • Common areas of dysfunction caused by faulty breathing mechanics
  • Breathing Pattern disorders
  • Practical assessments of clients respiratory function
  • Practical exercises to correct respiratory disorders

This mini-course is suitable for both the health/fitness professional as well as the medical professional and to the general public looking to improve their own health.

Customer Reviews

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Denise Herbert
Why how we breath matters.

It's amazing how something so simple that most people don't put much thought into can have such a huge impact on our health and well being. Matt does an amazing job of explaining how I our breathing impacts our health and wellness. Expoing the function of muscles involved, how something can cause out breathing pattern to become faulty and the impact that can have.

Nelson Gomes

Great information and knowledge.

Mike Hendricks
Power and Practical information

Enjoyed the content and learned a lot of useful information. Very easy to digest and apply. Thanks

John Robberts

Practical Applications of Breathing, Posture & Movement

Gabor Szilagyi
Love it!

Very easy to understand and you can apply immediately the teachings. Thanks Matt and the CHEK Institute for this course.