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PPS Success Program Lesson 12: Listening Skills Development

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Cultivate the listening skills necessary to build healthy relationships with this PPS lesson.

Created by Paul Chek - Includes:

  • 3 multi-media slideshows
  • 1 PDF manual chapter

You deserve the opportunity to pursue your life's dream - your legacy - as passionately and vigorously as you can.

That principle is the motivation for PPS Success and our PPS Success Mastery program. Designed to give real, practical form to your legacy, the PPS Success Mastery Program consists of 12 powerful lessons, each of which will empower you to live a happier, healthier life.

Each lesson consists of multi-media slide shows, a downloadable manual and creative exercises.

Developing Your Listening Skills

Successfully realizing your legacy means understanding yourself and those in your life deeply.

One of Paul’s discoveries over years of holistic health practice has been that real listening is understanding.

The more you are able to really hear your body and your needs, to truly hear the wants, fears, desires and dreams of those in your life, the more you will understand about yourself and your loved ones.

Listening Skills Development will equip you with a number of powerful listening techniques, including:

  • Body Listening - how to interpret the ways that Chakra imbalances affect communication
  • Mind Listening - understand how values memes color the ways we speak
  • Heart Listening - learn to create an open and welcoming space to communicate emotions without judgment
  • Soul Listening - discover how to connect with the deepest part of yourself
  • Emptying the Bone - learn how to clear your mind of all distractions so you can be fully present

Put these techniques to use and it's like having a direct, unfiltered line of connection to whomever you're communicating with!