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PPS Success Program Lesson 09: Don't Get Your Feathers Wet

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Learn how you can nurture healthy, happy relationships in this PPS lesson.

Created by Paul Chek - Includes:

  • 1 multi-media slideshow
  • 1 PDF manual chapter
  • 1 PDF Self-Assessment

You deserve the opportunity to pursue your life's dream - your legacy - as passionately and vigorously as you can.

That principle is the motivation for PPS Success and our PPS Success Mastery program. Designed to give real, practical form to your legacy, the PPS Success Mastery Program consists of 12 powerful lessons, each of which will empower you to live a happier, healthier life.

Each lesson consists of multi-media slide shows, a downloadable manual and creative exercises.

PPS Lesson 9: Don’t Get Your Feathers Wet!

Our relationships can be a great source of love, healing and support. At other times, we can lose ourselves in our relationships, sacrificing our energy, our values and our health.

Your relationships shouldn’t cause you stress – they should be a source of strength as you pursue your legacy.

That’s why Paul created PPS Lesson 9. In Don’t Get Your Feathers Wet you’ll discover:

  • How to manage anger, even in the most trying relationships
  • The key to remaining authentic in every relationship
  • A guide to setting relationship boundaries to avoid stressful entanglements
  • How to use the Love Principle as a guide to relationship decisions

Put these techniques to use and we know you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who support and nurture your values and dreams.