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PPS Success Program Lesson 04: How to Write a Business Plan

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Incorporate your values and legacy into a comprehensive business/career plan in this PPS lesson.

Created by Paul Chek - Includes:

  • 2 multi-media slideshows
  • 2 PDF manual chapters
  • 1 PDF Self-Assessment

You deserve the opportunity to pursue your life's dream - your legacy - as passionately and vigorously as you can.

That principle is the motivation for PPS Success and our PPS Success Mastery program. Designed to give real, practical form to your legacy, the PPS Success Mastery Program consists of 12 powerful lessons, each of which will empower you to live a happier, healthier life.

Each lesson consists of multi-media slide shows, a downloadable manual and creative exercises.

PPS Lesson 4: How to Write a Business Plan

Whoever you’re working for, your dream needs a business plan.

Why is that?

The primary objective of a business plan is to give you a roadmap that helps you get clear on your short and long-term professional goals, and provides the plan for how to get there.

To create this invaluable tool, Paul Chek and Business Mentor Christine Perakis will show you:

  • The fundamentals of a well-designed business plan
  • How to incorporate your values into your business plan
  • Tips to choosing your business partners wisely
  • Five financial considerations that should go into every business plan
  • What financial data to include in your plan
  • How to calculate your hourly rate

You may have written a business plan before, but this is planning the PPS Success way!

When you complete this lesson, you won’t just have a plan. You’ll have a detailed, effective roadmap that fully embraces your values while leading you to your legacy faster than ever!