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PPS Success Program Lesson 01: Determining Your Legacy

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Give form to your life’s dreams with the first lesson of our PPS Success Program.

Created by Paul Chek - Includes:

  • 11 multi-media slideshows
  • 4 PDF manual chapters
  • 1 PDF Self-Assessment
  • 1 PDF Umbrella of Purpose form

You deserve the opportunity to pursue your life's dream - your legacy - as passionately and vigorously as you can.

That principle is the motivation for PPS Success and our PPS Success Mastery program. Designed to give real, practical form to your legacy, the PPS Success Mastery Program consists of 12 powerful lessons, each of which will empower you to live a happier, healthier life.

Each lesson consists of multi-media slide shows, a downloadable manual and creative exercises.

PPS Lesson 1: Determining Your Legacy

We believe that pursuing your legacy is ultimately the most practical, empowering and healing way to experience life. That pursuit starts here!

Paul has designed PPS Lesson 1 to transform even the most vague vision into a concrete, actionable life plan. You’ll learn to:

  • Visualize your dream with absolute clarity and draw on it for motivation
  • Design an efficient, effective plan to lead you from where you are now to living your dream
  • Overcome common roadblocks to pursuing your dreams

And because we know everyone learns differently, you’ll reach all of these goals through our online slide shows, comprehensive manuals, bi-weekly, live coaching calls with Paul and creative exercises like the Life Mandala and Legacy Mind Map.

Join Paul for this powerful lesson and start realizing your dreams today!

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The place to start

This is the place to start your life.
The course helps you become conscious of the underlying soulpath that is uniquely yours, understand it and become able to identify when you are on its path and when you stray. Unifying information from body and mind you approach your dream with these two, now allied, this brings more clarity and meaningful action towards building your dream more consciously than ever before.

Building the Dream

Been in the chek academy for 3 years now and paul never ceases to help to move the needle on what growing into a truly holistic healthy human means. Implementation of dream creation and finding direction has been one thing I've struggled with for years. PPS1 gives me all the essential tools I need to evaluate what I need to dream up, manifest, and move towards higher levels of living for both myself and clients absolutely recommended!