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The CHEK Approach to the Lower Limb

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This all-new CHEK Lower Limb Course will lead you through many of the most common lower limb injuries, how to screen for them, how to identify etiological contributions and how to develop highly effective rehabilitation and conditioning strategies, based on core CHEK principles.

Presented by Matthew Wallden - Includes manual, streaming videos and test

The lower limb is, for the most part – and the majority of our lives - our only point of contact with planet Earth.  In sports and performance, as well as activities of daily living, the lower limb is the point from which the majority of power generation emanates.  It should come as little surprise, then, that the preponderance of injuries in sports occur in the lower limb; and that sporting success or failure is often determined by the function of the lower limb.

As literal outgrowths of the lumbar spine, the legs are both expressions of the lumbo-pelvic region; and are its underpinnings.  As such, to understand the function of the legs, it is critical to understand how they integrate, and function interdependently, with the core.

In the Lower Limb Correspondence Course, we teach you:

  • About the most common sports injuries which impact lower limb function
  • How to apply clinical modelling to understand the function of the lower limbs
  • Key principles in rehabilitation of lower limb injury
  • Why lower limb performance isn’t just about the lower limb
  • How the Middle-Crossed Syndrome affects lower limb power production
  • New understandings of sling systems and spinal health on lower limb function

The lower limbs are much more than a pair of legs; they are both responsive to, and drivers of whole-body health and function.  This uniquely insightful exploration into our foundations will leave you with a deeper understanding and a greater confidence and competence in helping your clients to realise their potential in all aspects of sporting and performance endeavour.