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Integrated Movement Science Level 2 - Pre-requisite Bundle

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Integrated Movement Science Level 2 pre-requisite courses - All courses are completed 100% online

2 courses consisting of 52  streaming videos, 2 downloadable PDF manuals + 2 online tests

CECs and CEUs for Advanced Program Design: CHEK Institute

CECs and CEUs for Holistic Health Performance for Women: CHEK Institute 10.0

Save $ when you purchase the digital Integrated Movement Science Level 2  Pre-requisite bundle versus purchasing these courses separately!

The Integrated Movement Science Level 2 pre-requisite bundle includes:

  • Advanced Program Design (streaming videos and a downloadable PDF manual)
  • Holistic Health Performance for Women (35 streaming videos and a downloadable PDF manual)

Please note: Completion of Integrated Movement Science Level 1 including exam and Current status as a Licensed CHEK Professional are also prerequisites to attend CHEK Integrated Movement Science Level 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the grade required to pass?

The passing grade for all correspondence courses is 80%. A Certificate of Completion with CECs and CEUs will be sent once you have successfully passed the test.

How long will it take to complete each course?

CHEK Institute recommendation for Advanced Program Design – 28 hours

CHEK Institute recommendation for Holistic Health Performance for Women

– 10 hours

The time taken to complete each course is dependent on the person it and the reasons they are taking it. Some people only needing Continuing Education Credits will watch the videos once through and successfully pass the test. Other people who are more interested in learning the information or are interested in taking it as a prerequisite for the Integrated Movement Science Level 2  will sometimes watch the videos 2-3 times through. We generally recommend that students who are preparing for Integrated Movement Science Level 2   take about one month to study each course, especially if they are working full time. This means most people need to start about 4 months before the course, to give them time to study the courses and practice the concepts before the due date, 45 days before the start of the course.

There are a lot of questions on the tests. Are they hard?

Thousands of people, who have already successfully completed Integrated Movement Science Level 1, have passed these tests successfully. Occasionally there are a few individuals who do not pass the test the first time, but generally do so once they have reviewed the material again. The benefit of having a video correspondence course is that the viewer can review the video as many times as is necessary until they gain an understanding of the material. Successful completion of this course has not so much to do with an individual’s current level of knowledge as it does with the amount of time one spends watching the videos and reading the manual.

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