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Integrated Movement Science Level 1 ONLINE

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The Future is Intelligent Fitness

Integrated Movement Science Level 1 offers a research driven, clinically tested system that will empower you to:

  • See the big picture relationships between diet, exercise, stress and rest for your clients and know exactly what that means for their health goals
  • Read your clients’ functional anatomy like a roadmap, clearly perceiving strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed for long term success
  • Craft exercise programs that engage and challenge your clients while being finely tuned to their needs and goals
  • Confidently coach your clients to perform their exercises with perfect form every time


IMS 1 offers more than an assortment of techniques that you have to piece together.

It’s a system that makes sense of the entire fitness journey - from anatomy, to assessment, to program design and coaching.

That’s intelligent fitness.

CHEK Principles

  • The Principle of Isolation to Integration
  • The Principle of Control Centers
  • The Principle of Staged Progression
  • The Phase I, II and III Exercise Progression Model
  • The Principle of Sports Specific Neurological Development
  • The 5 CHEK Program Design Principles
  • Fatigue and Recovery


  • The Physiological Load assessment
  • 7 postural assessments
  • Length-Tension assessments
  • 20 stretch assessments
  • 8 abdominal wall assessments

Conditioning and Coaching

  • 6 mobilization techniques
  • 20 corrective stretches
  • 29 stability and core exercises
  • 37 conditioning exercises

Integrated Movement Science Level 1 includes:

  • 190 videos with over 19 hours of footage
  • Downloadable Manual
  • 4 Case Studies
  • Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

PLEASE NOTE: In order to receive your certificate of completion, you must participate in a live, 1-day assessment day to review your skills. You may also wish to purchase the IMS 1 Tools to be able to perform the assessments you have learned.

Meet Your Instructors

Matthew Wallden, CHEK Institute Head of Education, CHEK Practitioner Level 4, MS (Osteopathic Medicine)

Matthew Wallden qualified as an osteopath and naturopath in London and has worked clinically and lectured on osteopathic technique. In addition he is a CHEK Practitioner Level 4 and has been a Faculty Member at the CHEK Institute for 15 years.

Matt has consulted for various top sports teams including Chelsea Football Club, Charlton Athletic Football Club and Surrey County Cricket Club. As a corrective exercise specialist, Matthew has lectured at four major UK osteopathic colleges and on many post-graduate courses for medical, rehabilitation and fitness professionals.

Ashley Mazurek, CHEK Institute Faculty Member, CHEK Practitioner Level 4

Ashley began her career in the fitness industry in 1990. She has accumulated a wealth of knowledge as a fitness professional, through her CHEK Training and as an owner of multiple fitness facilities.

Ashley currently, concentrates on teaching for the CHEK Institute and working with clients in Tampa, Florida, where she concentrates on clients with acute and chronic pain issues, weight loss, musculoskeletal imbalances and postural deficiencies.

I have…a new understanding of how to appropriately address the specific needs and desires of any given client’s lifestyle.

My career as a personal trainer has been transformed, and it is exciting to watch my clients progress as a result.

T. Clifton – California, USA

You will leave IMS 1 feeling transformed in your confidence as a coach. The knowledge I gained was practical and built on my understanding of physiology and health immensely.

N. Baumgardner - Colorado, USA

I am a healthy person and have been exercising for years. This course took my knowledge of health and movement to a level I didn't even know existed. Very grateful!

J. Cleal - New South Wales, AUS

IMS1 should be the baseline standard for exercise coaching. I feel like everything I thought I knew prior to this course pales in comparison to the skills I have now. I feel empowered as a holistic health practitioner and far safer to coach any client (and know exactly when to refer on).

O. Carpenter - Manchester, UK

Customer Reviews

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Jackson Tehaara
Everything I Needed And More

i've always been interesting in this type of lifestyle, well just health and fitness in general, also help from following those on instagram that embody a similar style, living this kind of way for the last 2 years. i thought i knew a lot, but this course has just sparked a fire under me, the content and structure that this course has delivered has gone beyond my expectations and absorbs into my brain like a sponge. I thought i knew a lot but boyy was i wrong. This course is just the tip of the iceberg and im looking forward to HLC level 2. if you're really looking to up your knowledge and wisdom with Holistic Lifestyle, or even looking to get into the game, this is definitely the place to be, and to be taught by IMO the godfather of health and movement is an experience worth having. Don't go cheap on your body, and don't go cheap on a qualification either... Much love to Paul and the team, would love to get in touch some time :)

Mikko Saari
HLC 1 online - great!

A very unique course. Representation was clear and on-point. I dont know if finding clients for this could be a problem in my country, I'll see about that.

Jan Čížek
Scientific Back training

Great course and other prerequisite for IMS1! Paul in this course shows his holistic approach to back pain. He explains how its not only about exercise but how important are breathing, mastication, visual and vestibular system and many other things. Except that he shows you a lot of his assesment techniques and a a lot of exercises from rehabilitation exercises to basic lifts like a squat or deadlift.

David Emsden

Very clear and well structured course. A thorough explanation that links through to practical applications that can be utilised with clients.

Jan Čížek
Program Design 2nd edition

In my opinion this is the best of three prerequisites for IMS 1. No matter if you are beginner trainer or if I you have already gained some experience in the field I believe you will get some enriching knowledge for you. Paul explains here some basic professional terms and gives you detailed description a using of tempo, rest period, loading, periodization and much more.