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How to Follow Your Dream-Line

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In ‘How to Follow Your Dream-Line’, life master and Holistic Health Practitioner Paul Chek coaches you to use his Dream-Line System to better understand and realize your dreams.

An audio program by Paul Chek - Includes 1 downloadable MP3 audio file, plus 1 audio program guide and 6 Dream-Line forms

Your Dream: If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there!

All humans have two unique and powerful capacities – we are all dreamers and creators.

We are all dreamers. You may know people who call themselves pragmatists or deny that they are dreamers. But thinking is dreaming! The way we think largely influences our perceptions and experiences, and that’s why dreaming is an essential tool for our own creative pursuits.

Human beings are the most creative beings on earth. The truth is that you are always creating. The question is whether you are creating what you don’t want or what you do want - your dreams.

Einstein once said, “Your dreams are a snapshot of your future.” In other words, when you’re clear on your dreams, believe in yourself and your dreams, and take action, you’re very likely to experience your dreams.

That’s why Paul Chek has created his How To Follow Your Dream-Line audio program, to help you connect your dreams to your creative power.

In How To Follow Your Dream-Line, you will learn:

  • The different types of dreams and how best to realize each type

  • How to find your dream or legacy

  • The 4 essential steps to effectively creating and living your dreams

  • How to qualify your dreams to live them fully

  • How to use Paul’s Dream-Line System to experience your dreams fully every day

This audio program is ideally suited to students, workers, professionals, therapists, or anyone wanting to learn how to manifest their dreams optimally.

The How to Follow Your Dream-Line audio program includes:

  • 90-minutes of coaching on how to use Paul's Dream-Line System in your life

  • Downloadable daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Dream-Line Charts to help you reach your dreams

  • An audio program guide with diagrams and elaborations on the materials in the recording

  • A downloadable Legacy Chart

  • The Umbrella of Purpose form to help you zero in on daily goals

Length of Program – approx. 90 mins.

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Johel Zea
Effective choices cannot be made without a clear dream!

Learn how to create realistically achievable dreams first and as you grow, your dreams accomplishments grow too!