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Golf Fitness Card Set

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Based on The Golf Biomechanic's Manual by Paul Chek

The Whole in One Golf Fitness Card Set is based on the same exercise programs used by many of today’s most successful professional golfers. Developed by Paul Chek, and based upon his book The Golf Biomechanic’s Manual, this innovative pocket-size card system contains everything you need to complete an entire twelve months of golf conditioning programming.

This pack contains 120 plastic cards with simple assessments, exercises and stretches. The instructions guide you through the system so that you create a personalized program that specifically addresses your needs, goals and time requirements. You can choose to workout for as little as five minutes or as much as 45 minutes at a time. Whether you workout in conjunction with an exercise or golf professional, or train by yourself, you can be assured that this Whole in One program will help to improve the way your entire body functions while playing golf, thus improving your game.

The special plastic cards will withstand sweat, water and carrying in your pocket or bag. Select key cards and attach them to the enclosed ring, creating a portable pre-game warm-up or workout to carry with you whenever you like!

Each set of Golf Fitness Cards includes:

  • 15 Assessment cards
  • 26 Flexibility cards
  • 28 Stability exercise cards
  • 19 Strength training cards
  • 12 Power training cards
  • 8 pre-selected exercise program cards
  • 3 white Individualized assessment and flexibility forms
  • 3 white exercise program forms
  • 10 golf-specific warm-up cards
  • 1 detachable metal ring for cards


  • Size - 3.5" x 4"
  • Cards are made of durable 100% plastic (water & sweat-proof)
  • Large color photos clearly demonstrate proper exercise form
  • Detailed instructions are easy-to-read without any fluff
  • Color-coded tabs designate each group of cards for quick reference
  • Custom program forms allow you or your trainer to map out and track workouts
  • Instruction booklet explains entire system in simple steps