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First Step Program

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Change your life by taking the first step in your own evolution!

The First Step Program - Created by Paul Chek

11 multi-media slideshows, 4 PDF manual chapters, 1 PDF Umbrella of Purpose form  and How to Find & Live Your Legacy DVD set.

Discovering and pursuing your life’s dreams – your legacy – is the most empowering, liberating and rewarding experience you can have. The effects are profound – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. That’s why Paul has created his First Step Program

This package includes both our online PPS Lesson 1: Determining Your Legacy as well as the eight DVD set How to Find & Live Your Legacy.

The First Step Program is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the amazing results the PPS Success Program offers. You’ll have access to all of these Full Program benefits during your 90-day enrollment:

  • Lesson One's multimedia slideshows created and presented by Paul Chek.
  • Downloadable Study Guides as well as additional materials to enhance your assimilation of the information and start putting it to use right away!
  • Introspective exercises where you will identify your Core Values which will lead you to your purpose—your own legacy.

Next, give your online learning a boost with Paul's How to Find & Live Your Legacy DVD set. This eight DVD collection brings the experience of Paul’s live How to Find and Live Your Legacy workshop right into your living room. Created from the best footage selected over six days of exercises, lectures and group discussions, this DVD set gives you perhaps the most powerful resource to help you in your quest to achieve your dreams.

Benefit from six crucial elements built into this innovative and empowering workshop DVD:

  • An in-depth assessment of your personal life history.
  • Practical teaching on topics such as Building Your Legacy and Your Core Values.
  • Hands-on Mandala and Mind-mapping exercises designed by Paul himself.
  • A complete illustrated manual guiding you through the essential concepts.
  • Engaging group discussions.
  • Energizer exercise breaks that will enliven your body and mind!

Between the online lessons and the DVD set, we know the First Step Program will set you on the track to living your dreams faster than you could have imagined!