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Body by Angie

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Many of us have experienced the same thing. We diet, we deprive ourselves, we lose our sanity and then we give up only to add more weight and less self esteem to our already tired selves. This book is going to help you get out of that vicious circle, conquer your weight and IMPROVE your health once and for all!

The principles and techniques found in this book will teach you why you need to eat to release the weight and what may be hindering your progress even with the strictest of regiments. Knowing how to navigate your life through the social and environmental impacts of your lifestyle choices is the key to success. If you try to live in a bubble while transforming your body, it may result in some weight loss but once you exit the bubble and go back to your real life, things go haywire.

Body By Angie will show you how you can transform your body AND your health.

You will lose body fat and not muscle and increase your metabolism and stamina. You will change your body composition, decrease the risk of chronic disease and add quality to your life. This book will give you the roadmap you need to increase your personal health. Because we all know, without your health you really have nothing. Today is the day to start investing in YOU