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Blood Pressure Cuff

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A professional aneroid sphygmomanometer, complete with gauge, inflation system, and a zippered carrying case. We use this as a biofeedback mechanism for abdominal training and specific cervical conditioning, but it can equally be used for determining blood pressure!

For guidelines on using a blood pressure cuff the CHEK way, please see the Scientific Core Conditioning Correspondence Course, or the individual videos, Gym Instructor Series Volume One, Core Conditioning, Part One Abdominal Training.

We recommend adding an extension hose for easier viewing of the gauge.

Customer Reviews

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James Gibbs

So needed for the Scientific Core Conditioning assessing, otherwise you're guessing!

chris burton
Good quality products.

replaced my last blood pressure cuff after many years of use and having dropped the gauage on the floor many times too. It's durable but not indestructible! Be careful not to drop it on the hard tile floors more than a dozen times or so! A good quality product- especially useful if used with the extension hose with clients.

Paulina Peniche Kirschke
Great product

Blood pressure cuff works great, if you get the extension hose know that you will need to pull pieces apart for it to actually fit, because they don’t seem to be very comparable at least not the one I got. I had to pull parts of the blood pressure cuff apart and try to make the hose fit.