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A New Awareness - ebook

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A New Awareness is a short, accessible allegory written to engage your intuition and cultivate a more positive life perspective.

95 page, downloadable eBook by Jack Nast with Paul Chek

This little known gem was Jack Nast’s attempt to enable intuition as a guide, one day at a time, towards a new human consciousness – a consciousness of cooperation over competition. A New Awareness is a short allegory designed to help readers ground each day of their lives in a positive existence.

The message contained in this book is truly powerful and inspiring. So inspiring infact, that Paul was motivated to buy the rights to the book when it went out of print and to re-publish it here as a downloadable eBook.

If you are looking for a new way to view the world, a positive framework to understand all that is happening around us, A New Awareness is an accessible, enlightening read that offers just that!

Customer Reviews

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Sebastian Tanner
Everything I've been looking for in a health book!

I wish I knew this book existed years ago! I have only been able to scan through it so far, but it's all of the information I have been trying to gather myself over the last 10+ years! What I love about it is it gives you some structure, but it also continuously encourages tailoring your own workout and health plans, but it doesn't abandon you there, it helps you through that and educates you on how to evaluate yourself to find out what you need! - Still reading and flipping though while I write this review.

Ryan Taylor
The depth of knowledge this book provides is extraordinary!

I have never read a book this influential that has changed my whole outlook on health and fitness

steve johnson
great information

Everyone should read this book, add 10 years to your life

Deborah Bochek

How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy! - eBook

paulina graziose

Great book! Should be in everyone’s library!