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The CHEK Approach to Swiss Ball Conditioning

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Presented by Matthew Wallden & Nicole Devaney - Course is completed 100% online and includes a manual, 46 streaming videos, test and certificate of completion.


The Swiss Ball is one of THE most flexible training tools available. It can be used for gentle movements in rehabilitation or high performance conditioning for elite athletes. It can be used for stretching, mobilization, conditioning, reflex training, relaxation and work-in movements. In The CHEK Approach to Swiss Ball Conditioning you will learn how to use this tool for all of those purposes.

The course covers theory:

  • The Swiss Ball & Human Anatomy
  • The History of the Swiss Ball
  • The Science of the Swiss Ball
  • Swiss Ball Basics


Swiss Ball Exercise Techniques:

  • Work-In Movements
  • Warm-up Exercises
  • Stretches
  • Mobilizations
  • Conditioning Exercises
  • Big Bang Exercises


Program Design:

  • Periodization
  • Exercise Order
  • Rest & Recovery
  • The CHEK Success Formula

The CHEK Approach to Swiss Ball Conditioning will empower you to use the Swiss Ball in every phase of the fitness journey - from program design to stretching, and conditioning.

  • 46 videos
  • PDF Manual
  • Online Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

CECs and CEUs: CHEK Institute 6

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Thomas Diones
Swiss ball program

This course gives an outstanding approach to incorporate swiss balls into any program. These skills have greatly helped my personal training clients with equipment that is almost always available at any gym. I recently started working at a physical therapy clinic and the understanding this course gives you is invaluable in a clinical setting as well.

Mike Hendricks
Great New Ideas

I enjoyed this course. The knowledge shared in the course is to a very high level and the care and detail of the presentation of the content and videos are great. I can see how the use of a Swiss ball is such a great tool to use with a variety of clients.
I have also begun to use and practice some of the exercises myself and can see and feel the big benefits of these.

David Ratterman
Amazing course!

The updated Swiss Ball conditioning course is a great way to learn the versatility of the Swiss ball & how it can be used to condition any level athlete with just a simple tool! From the history of the ball to its use to train infant development movements - for kids & adults - the mastery will take some considerable work but one can easily see progress within a week of using it. It just checks so many boxes - simple, comprehensive, scalable, stability, functional, amazing! I recommend this course for all CHEK Professionals & anyone else that wants a simple tool to condition their clients!

Technique is everything!

I really love this course as it taught me how to perform some basic swiss ball exercises. I had some experiences with swiss ball but once I started using the right technique, the impact of the exercises got much bigger. I literally can feel my core getting stronger. I highly recommend it!

Core training at it's Finest

This course was done at a extremely high level. I'm not surprised since everything that is done by the chek institute is done this way. Thru this program I have learned how to stretch correctly and build up my stability at the core to alleviate the pain in my lower back from the construction work that I do. Thank you chek institute for everything you are doing to help people become their own hero!! George